Wajir County establishes anti radicalization office to counter terror

The county of Wajir in North Eastern Kenyan has established an office to counter youth radicalization by armed group Al Shabaab in Somalia.

County Governor Ahmed Abdullahi appointed a well-known religious figure in the area to spear head the task.

Speaking during Islamic holiday of Eid in Wajir, Governor Abdullahi said the best way to overcome terror is close cooperation between the members of the public and the security agencies.

Sheikh Mohamud Rashid who is the Imam of Wajir Jamia mosque will lead the campaign against those at risk of joining extremist groups by use of available channels such as the media and among others.

“We need to counter the groups that use the knowledge of Islam by twisting the young minds through concept of Jihad,” he said.

Area security agencies have welcomed the move saying it will have great impact on their task to improve security in the area.

Wajir has experienced wave of attacks previously claimed by Al Shabaab and targeted at security agencies since Kenya sent its troops inside Somalia three years ago.

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