US congress members request funds to help Somalia

More than 16 members of US congress members have requested funds to help Somalia.

The congressmen led by Minnesota’s Keith Elisson have written to foreign relations committee in request of more than USD 87.7 million.

They said the funds will be used to help rebuild key government institutions in Somalia mainly economic generators in the war torn state.

The members of congress have also argued that the gains made against armed group Alshabaab by Somali government deserve to be boosted in support of the federal state.

They added that severe drought has stricken Somalia following the effects of El-nino weather.

The U.S. has provided hundreds of millions of dollars in aid to Somalia over the years as it dealt with drought, rampant piracy and the ongoing al-Shabab insurgency.

The relations between the two US and Somalia improved after Washington formally recognized  the current Somali government in 2013.

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