Uganda Launches Probe into Al-Shabaab Attack on Forces in Buulo Mareer Town

The Ugandan government has announced that it has launched an investigation into an attack on its forces early Friday in Buulo Mareer town. The attack, which was carried out by “foreign forces,” according to the Ugandan People Defense Force (UPDF) spokesperson Felix Kulayigye, is believed to be the work of Al-Shabaab militants.

The attack began early on Friday morning, with reports indicating that the militants attempted to storm the base before a series of explosions rocked the area. The Ugandan forces, part of the African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia (ATMIS), were quick to respond, however, and were able to repel the attack.

Following the incident, the Ugandan government has launched an investigation into the attack, seeking to determine the identity of the attackers and their motives. The African Union Transitional Mission in Somalia headquarters is also said to be assisting with the investigation, with a comprehensive statement expected to be issued once more details have been gathered.

In a statement released on social media, ATMIS confirmed the attack, noting that “This morning, ATMIS FOB in Bulo Murer came under Al-Shabaab attack. ATMIS forces are currently assessing the security situation. More information will be issued later.”

The attack is just the latest in a series of incidents involving Al-Shabaab militants in the region, with the group having been responsible for a number of deadly attacksin recent years. The group, which is based in Somalia, has been waging a campaign of violence against the Somali government and its allies, including Uganda and other African Union member states.

The Ugandan forces have been stationed in Somalia as part of ATMIS since 2007, with the mission aimed at supporting the Somali government in its efforts to stabilize the country. Despite the progress made by the mission in recent years, however, the security situation in Somalia remains fragile, with Al-Shabaab continuing to pose a significant threat to both the Somali government and its allies.

The Ugandan government has vowed to continue its efforts to support the Somali government and to defeat the threat posed by Al-Shabaab. In a statement following the attack, the Ugandan Ministry of Defense expressed its condolences to the families of the fallen soldiers and reaffirmed its commitment to the mission in Somalia.

“The attack on our forces in Buulo Mareer town is a tragic reminder of the ongoing threat posed by Al-Shabaab militants in the region,” the statement read. “We will not be deterred by this cowardly act of terrorism, and we remain committed to supporting the Somali government in its efforts to bring peace and stability to the country.”

As the investigation into the attack continues, the Ugandan government has urged its citizens to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the authorities.

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