Turkish Airline Suspends flights to Mogadishu after botched airport attack

Turkish Airlines has suspended its flights to Mogadishu after failed Al Shabab fighters attack on Sunday night in Mogadishu’s Aden International Airport.

AU Peacekeeping Troops thwarted Al Shabaab attack to the main getaway in the country.

Fighters who were using two boats according to AU officials tried to attack the airport from the India ocean shores which is just the vacinity of the facility.

Mogadishu’s Aden International Airport has not been operational at night times since the collapse of the government of late President Mohamed Siyad Bare in 1991.

At moment, Aden Ade Airport and its compound is the home of number of Foreign embassies, AU and UN Representatives.

The armed group Al Shabab frequently attacks Somalia government and AU bases in the Country.

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