Turkey strongly condemns terror attack in Mogadishu hotel

Republic of Turkey has strongly condemned Saturday terror attack in Mogadishu hotel.

Statement from Turkish ministry of foreign affairs has condemned the attack which resulted close to 20 deaths including cabinet minister and scores others left wounded.

“We strongly condemn and denounce the terrorist attack which targeted civilians and resulted in the death of at least 10 persons and injury of many others in Holy Ramadan according to initial reports,”

Ankara, which is a close ally of Somali government has vowed to stand by the people and the federal government of Somalia in peace building and stability.
“Turkey will continue to decisively support the efforts to establish peace, stability and welfare in Somalia and stand by the friendly and brotherly people of Somalia,”

President Erdogan has promised to build military academy to train Somali army in Mogadishu and refurbish Somali parliamentary building during his recent visit to open largest Turkish embassy in the world.

Turkish parliament has also recently approved bill to give Somalia monthly contribution of USD 2 million for assistance.

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