Tribalism main obstacle to defeat Alshabaab, Ahmed Madobe


The President of Somali regional state of Jubaland has described tribalism level within the country as the main challenge to defeating Al Qaida linked armed group Alshabaab.

Speaking to the media in the port city of Kismayo, Ahmed Madobe Islam said “tribalism or ethnicity is like small idol for Somalis”

“We will never win against Alshabaab as long as tribalism exists amongst ourselves,” he said.

Former Raskamboni brigade commander that pushed armed group from the port city of Kismayo said Somali National Army and the entire Somali security agencies need young, fresh and educated minds to defeat Alshabaab.

“We need new young educated men who are free from tribalism to lead the war against terror group,” he said.

He added that old senior Somali military officials that are still serving in the force have become another tactical error in war against Alshabaab and thus need youthful trained officials in the frontline.

Jubaland regional state leader has also urged Somali political leaders to focus more attention on the rebuilding of the national security force than wasting time politics.

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