Three Women detained in Kenya- Somalia border, wanted join Al Shabaab

Kenyan authorities have arrested three young women in Kenyan border town of Wajir as they attempted to cross into Somalia to join armed group Al Shabaab.

The arrest of the three women thwarted an ambitious attempt by the trio to join ISIS, but also raised fear among residents, with families of the women reported to be too traumatized by the event to speak.

Two families in Malindi acknowledged that their three daughters had gone missing for days and said they had been informed they were arrested in Wajir on Friday.

The families released a statement through human rights group Haki Africa, indicating that the three women had been arrested.

Three young women have been arrested by military personnel in Wajir while allegedly trying to sneak into Somalia to become “jihadist brides” and suicide bombers according to Kenyan Newspaper.

At least two of the women are believed to have been students in university campuses in Mombasa while the third, said to be Tanzanian, is said to have secured a scholarship to study at Khartoum’s International University in Sudan.

The suspects are now being held in police stations in Mombasa.

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