Third batch of refugees from Yemen arrive in Bosaso

Two overloaded boats carrying around one hundred people fleeing the fighting in Yemen have arrived in Puntland’s port town of Bosaasoon Sunday, officials said.

This is the third batch of refugees mostly children and susceptible people who are crossed the sea to survive from the ongoing Yemeni hostilities despite they have been war victims since the fighting started in the neighboring Yemen.

“More than 100 people including Yamani nationals have reached here in the last two weeks, we are ready to help them.  Bosaso port Chief Mohamed Hashi has told reporters.

“The administration is now dealing with those who are seeking asylums. Puntland has already set its policy on the refugee crowds and we are ready to welcome them. “ Hashi said.

Somalia’s Federal government officially supported the Saudi led airstrikes in Yemen in a statement, while dozens of Somali refugee live under constant threats from Houthi rebels.

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