The viral tweet “#TheSomaliaYouNeverHearAbout.”

Somali elites in social media have taken campaign in tweeter media to tell the outside world about the good side of their country.

The hash tag “The Somalia You Never Hear About” went viral in the social media and was extended to face book from tweeter where it originally started.

Photos of Mogadishu new buildings coming up, people enjoying the beach and development in the education sector was shared in the site and re-tweeted by many.

Somalis of Kenyan origin including Kenyan MP Hon. Abdikadir Ore joined the hash tag.

Other positive nationalistic hash tag like “Bring Back Somali Airlines” and “Support Our boys meant for Somali under 23 national football team which is playing Rwandan side in the capital also emerged.

Former Somali ambassador to Kenya ambassador Mohamed Ali Americo and UN Special envoy to Somalia Nicholas Kay re-tweeted the hash tag as support.

Twitter user namely @mkahiye has also been posting photos and short videos of the good side of Mogadishu including driving in the city which was favourite and re-tweeted.

However, the social media campaign did not missed the criticism, some users claimed that the official accounts Somali state house @VillaSomalia, Somali PM and Foreign ministry are not responding to the patriotic move.

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