The Somalia Government Launched a Plan to Manage and Reduce the Impact of Explosive Hazards in Somalia

The 14th meeting of member state parties to the Anti- Personnel Mine Ban Convention in Geneva this week saw the launch of the Federal Government of Somalia’s plan to manage and reduce the impact of explosive hazards.

The strategy published as the ‘Badbaado plan’ outlines the FGS’s objectives and financial support required to coordinate and implement explosive hazard management operations over the next 2-3 years and hopes to fulfill obligations under the Anti-personnel Mine Ban Convention which Somalia signed in 2012.

The Somalia Explosive Management Authority (SEMA), which was recently approved by a Council of Ministers as the Somali national entity on explosive hazard management, hosted a side event which launched the proposal, alongside UNMAS Somalia Director, Alan Macdonald.

The plan requests international support to both oversee and implement explosive hazard clearance and management in all Federal States of Somalia. It includes the clearance of abandoned explosive ordnance along the main humanitarian supply routes and in former ammunition storage areas.

It primarily involves the employment of local people for community based clearance and survey activities, building accountable State entities to coordinate and monitor explosive hazard management activities, and supporting community policing by coordinating with established police explosive ordnance disposal teams.

The plan seeks to benefit Somalis living and working within areas contaminated by explosive hazards by contributing to increased security and stability and will be administered in line with the New Deal Compact, the United Nations Mine Action Strategy 2013-2018 and the Humanitarian Response Plan for Somalia.

Operations under the Badbaado plan would build on the success of a Government of Japan and UNMAS-supported project which is ongoing at the Ethiopia-Somalia border: 76 communities are being supported to address both landmines and UXO by Somali men and women working for the HALO Trust.

For further information contact: Hodo Dahir, UNMAS Liaison and Communications Officer on tel. +252 (0) 616 308025 or by e-mail: [email protected]

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