The President, “ISIL are criminals against civilisation”


The President, “ISIL are criminals against civilisation”

Mogadishu, 21 April 2015: HE Hassan Sheikh Mohamud, President of the Federal Republic of Somalia, today denounced the heinous acts of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), killing more than 20 Ethiopian Christians in Libya on Sunday 19 April.

“The Federal Government of Somalia denounces this barbaric act. This is an act of horrific criminality; it is nothing but thuggery dressed up as ideology. It is clear that ISIL is interested only in spreading a message of calamity and brutality. They are criminals against civilization; predators who feast on our sons and daughters,” said the President.

The President further said that terrorism is a global threat, requiring collective responsibility, adding that Somalia – as it is a country hit by terror acts – will work closely with the international community to eradicate extremist groups.

“Somalia pledges its ongoing commitment to our fellow nations in Africa and will allow no safe haven for these groups. We stand by to assist fellow African nations in their quest for peace. We stand with the civilized world in choosing freedom over oppression, law and justice over chaos, and humanity over deprivation,” the President concluded.


Daud Aweis
Office of the President
Federal Republic of Somalia
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