#BringBackOurKids trending in Somalia

The haghtag #BringBackOurKids has gone viral in Somalia and several countries where Somalis live following video posted online about Somali family in Canada who lost their children to the government.

Guled Farah and Farhia Gelle lost three of their children under the government care because they weren’t fit parents due to “broken english”

The two who moved from Somalia to Winnipeg, Canada were told by CFS that they weren’t fit parents due to “broken english” and two of their children were taken from them when one had an accident and went to the hospital.

When Mrs. Gelle was pregnant with another child in 2010, Children and Family Service told her that if the baby was born in Canada and not Somalia, She too would be taken away by Children and Family Service. However, as the laws of Children and Family Service work in Manitoba.

The two parents have worked endlessly to follow protocols and take all the parenting courses they’ve been told to take but did not any difference.

The couple has been told by authorities that if they go to the media or protest, they’ll never see their children again after gone 6 years without seeing them.

Canada and US like most EU states have strict rules on family issues especially issues touching children.

Most of immigrants particularly refugees from Somalia have found themselves in difficult situation after they were offered resettlement and refugee status.

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