#SomeoneTellMaryHarper trending in Mogadishu International Book Fair

Mary Harper, the BBC Africa editor is on fire on social media mainly on twitter and Face book for the better day of Thursday.

Angry Somalis took on twitter #SomeTellMaryHarper after her article on Mogadishu International Book Fair dubbed “Somali authors defy militants,” was published.

Somalis on twitter believe BBC Africa editor new story was biased and did not highlight the real environment in the recuperating country.

The cover photo of  Ms Harper news story who has also extensively written about Somalia was horrifying scenes at Mogadishu hotel attack earlier this year instead of the books at the fair.

Some of the popular tweets trending include the following

@BBCafrica Why Twitter is discussing Mogadishu photos on #BBCAfricaLive post http://bbc.in/1NWT7H2  #SomeoneTellMaryHarper


#SomeoneTellMaryHarper When U get your daily income by writing about war in #Somalia,it is difficult to accept is fact

@farhiyaa4 She couldn’t even use one Pic from

#MIBF2015 ? Goodness.. #SomeoneTellMaryHarper


#SomeoneTellMaryHarper Mogadishu is the city of books and not bullets, use pen and keyboard for responsible Journalism @mary_harper @MogBF

@SalmaHoyo does she know we are ready to be the champion of our country and soon she will refer us as the “Mad Mullas” #SomeoneTellMaryHarper

The #BBC attempts to brush aside #SomeoneTellMaryHarper with light note. “We feel this is a little unfair on Mary..”

Mary Harper is still to respond to the tweets trending on her name and page.

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