Somaliland Electoral Commission set to Distribute Voter Cards

The Somaliland Electoral Commission has announced its plan to distribute voter cards to all participants in the latest electoral registration process. The Commission unveiled this plan at a press briefing in Hargeisa on Wednesday, announcing that the 10-day distribution period will kick off on May 31, 2023.

In a statement released by the Commission, it said, “The National Commission of Somaliland wishes to inform all citizens who enrolled during the 2022/2023 voter registration that the official voter card distribution will start nationwide on May 31, 2023.” This news comes as a much-needed relief for the citizens of Somaliland, who have been eagerly waiting for the voter cards to participate in the upcoming elections.

The distribution of voter cards is a crucial step in ensuring the fairness and transparency of the electoral process. The voter cards contain a voter’s unique identification number, photo, and other vital information that will enable them to cast their votes on election day. It is worth noting that the distribution of voter cards is a significant milestone in the electoral process, and it symbolizes the final step towards a free and fair election.

The Somaliland Electoral Commission has been working tirelessly to ensure that the electoral process is transparent and credible. The Commission has been conducting voter registration across the country since December 2022, and it has registered over 3 million voters so far. The registration process was conducted smoothly, andit was lauded by both local and international observers for its transparency and inclusivity.

The distribution of voter cards is expected to be conducted in an orderly manner, with the Commission deploying its officials to various regions to ensure that all registered voters receive their cards. The Commission has also urged all citizens who registered to collect their voter cards during the stipulated 10-day period to avoid any inconvenience during the election day.

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