Somaliland detains musicians who performed in Mogadishu

Northern Somali self declared state of Somaliland has detained popular Horn stars musicians when they arrived in the capital of self declared state Hargeysa on Sunday.

The four Nimcaan Hilaac, Xamdi Queen, C/raxmaan Oday, Maxamed Cirro performed in Somali capital Mogadishu during eid festival.

The authorities have not disclosed the main reason behind their arrest but band chairman Hassan Duhul has told the media that the arrest might be linked to the group visit and performance to Somali capital Mogadishu and their face book photos admiring Somali flag.

Somaliland which is still looking for recognition but not internationally endorsed sees citizens from the northern part as nationals from independent country while limiting their interaction with the southern Somalia to protect independence sentiment.

Hargeysa declared self independence from larger Somalia after the civil war in 1991.

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