Somalia: what will be the punishment of a rapist?

On Tuesday an important one day meeting was held in the headquarters of the semiautonomous state of puntland. Basically the meeting was all about constitutionally reviewing the punishments which a rapist or one who goes for adultery will undergo.

The constitution was initially written in English, but later translated into English.

The Ministry of justice of puntland has getting support from UNFPA has organized the conference and was attended by senior Ministerial posts in puntland administration and the civil society.

“We shall be doing serious censorship and submit this constitution to penalize rapists to the puntland lawmakers for approval” said Mohamed Ali Farah the director general of the Ministry of Justice of puntland.

Most of this constitution was derived from an international constitution which was in place in 1962, and if this is approved by Puntland lawmakers it will be the first ever puntland to have an agreed upon constitution to penalize rapists.

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