Somalia: Veteran Somali journalist died in Mogadishu

Abdi Hajji Goobdoon who is believed to be the father and the founder of Somali media has on Tuesday night died in the Somali capital Mogadishu, after sudden heart attack.

Goobdoon was currently the media advisor in the office of the Prime Minister and before that he became the speaker of the government. During the 25 years in which Somalia was in unstable condition Goobdoon was among the few prominent citizens who remained in the country.

He has been in the media for over 50 years and he hails a family which is famous for journalism background.

He also once became the director general of radio Mogadishu, before the civil war broke out in Somalia.

The top Somali government officials have sent their message of condolence to the family, relatives, friends and the entire Somali the sudden death of journalist Goobdoon.

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