Somalia: UN representative for Somalia reaches Adado town

The United Nations special representative for Somalia Mr. Michael Keating has on Tuesday reached Adado town the current headquarters of Galmudug state of in central Somalia.

Upon his arrival the Mr. Keating was warmly received at Adado airstrip by officials from Galmudug state, and from there airstrip he was driven to Galmudug state House where met with President Abdikarim Hussein Gulled of Galmudug.

The purpose of the trip of Mr. Keating is mainly to discuss with Galmudug officials about the outcome of the recent national conference which was wrapped up in Mogadishu.

After the talks between the UN representative for Somalia and the officials of Galmudug state, the President of Galmudug state briefly addressed the press. “We are so pleased to have the UN representative for Somalia in our state, and all that we have discussed about ended in a positive and understanding atmosphere” said Gulled.

A wide international delegate from the embassies of USA, UK, Italy, Sweden, Ethiopia and Uganda for Somalia and as well officials from IGAD and EU have some couple of days ago reached the towns of Baidoa, Garowe and Kismayo in order to convince those regional states to accept the outcome of the national conference about the future of Somalia which was recently concluded in Mogadishu.

It is merely Puntland regional state which has disagreed the convincing process of this international delegation.

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