Somalia: UN envoy to Somalia says “goodbye to Somalia”

Exclusive classified source which the English department of Radio Dalsan in Mogadishu is receiving says that the United Nations envoy to Somalia Nicholas Key will be soon leaving the office.

Mr. Key was appointed as the UN special representative to Somalia on the 29th of April 2013 and took the office from the Tanzanian national Dr. Augustine Mahiga on the 3rd of June 2013.

The person who will be taking the office from Mr. Key is not yet know, but there are some independent sources which say that the next UN envoy to Somalia will be a Briton.

Before Mr. Key officially leaves the office he will be touring in the regional states in Somalia, of which he has started his first leg in Garowe the capital of Puntland.

The president of the autonomous state of Puntland will be tonight hosting Mr. Key with the highest decorum banquet which is worth to be provided to an esteemed figure. Some other official of Puntland will be also part of the banquet and the farewell party as well

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