Somalia: The house of Police Commissioner under blaze

Furious people have on Monday set fire on the residence of Awdal region Police commissioner Colonel Abdi Barkhad Arawelo in Borame town.

The house of the Police commissioner was located in downtown Borama in a section called Fardaha [The horses].

“I saw many people simultaneously breaking the main entrance of the Police Commissioner’s house and loudly chanting the people inside the house to safely leave, these people had gallons of petrol and instantly when they went in and the people inside come out in panic, we saw mushroom of clouds coming out of the house” said Noor Jama speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan.

There were no human casualties reported so far, and the exact damages of the properties in the house are not known. Likewise there is no detailed information about why these angry people set fire on the Police Commissioner’s house.

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