Somalia: The Chief Commander of Puntland Forces on the verge to be fired

Reliable sources which the English department of Radio Dalsan is getting are indicating that he President of the semiautonomous state of Puntland in Eastern Somalia Mr. Abdiweli Gaas is soon planning to fire the Chief Commander of Puntland Forces Major General Saciid Mohamed Hirsi. The termination was scheduled to take place before, but the President was advised to with held his orders until he comes from his trip to Kenya.

The chief Commander has just recently released a press statement that he is not in a position to be in the post if the government of Gaas is not paying the forces which have not been paid for the last 5 months.

The President of Puntland responding to the Press release of the Chief Commander said that there are no pending salaries which forces is owed, and will take relevant actions against the forces that recently made the strike.

The current Chief Commander of the Puntland Forces is famous for his bravery action in both Somalia as whole and in the Puntland state he is the man who fought with Alshabab at their stronghold in famous Galgala Mountains.

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