Somalia suspends all Wednesday Mogadishu bound commercial flights

The Somali government has suspended all commercial planes from landing at Mogadishu’s Aden Abdulle International Airport (AAIA) until 6pm Wednesday.

Normal flights to Mogadishu will resume Wednesday since most airlines coming to the capital arrive and depart during day time.

“Though a great effort has been made to meet the required standards of the aeronautical information presented in here, there are certain technical challenges that could cause some errors (human or technical) without our immediate notice.

Therefore, all possible users are kindly informed to use this information at their discretion and any misuse of this information Somali Civil aviation Authority will not be responsible,” said the agency in a statement.

The only planes exempted are the military Evacuation aircrafts, VIPs and Technical flights.

The suspension is expected to disrupt the supply chain since most of Somalia is accessible only by Air, Al-shaab having disconnected supply routes of major towns.

Several private airlines based in East Africa, including Kenya’s African Express and SAX, as well as Somali-owned private carriers like Jubba Airways and Daallo Airlines, all currently fly into Mogadishu and the rest of the country.

Ethiopian Airlines, Turkish Airlines, Emirates, Djibouti Air and Qatar Airways also fly to Mogadishu.

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