Somalia: Somali consulate in Yemen says Somalis are coming back to Yemen

The Somali consular in Yemen Mr. Ahmed Abdi Hassan has said that Somalis have started returning back to Yemen where there is an ongoing of areal and ground bombardments between the Hutiyins and allied forces spearheaded by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

“We got the report that there are hundreds of Somalis who have started returning to Yemen, and this is very anxious some couple of months we have been busy evacuating them, and this is not actually the appropriate time for them to make a Uturn” says the consular.

The consular has recommended the Somalis not to come back in Yemen at the inappropriate time, where there is an ongoing fighting.

After the fighting broke out in Yemen the Somali consulate in Yemen with the help of IOM and the UNHCR have jointly succeeded in evacuating thousands of Somalis and Yemenis from Yemen.

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