Somalia: Soldiers on strike besiege Galmudug parliament

Reports coming in from Addado town the current headquarters of the semiautonomous state of Galmudug say that Galmudug soldiers have on Wednesday morning besieged themselves in the parliament building.

The reason behind the strike of the soldiers is said to be that they have not been paid for months.

“The heavily armed soldiers have in the early hours of Wednesday morning besieged themselves in the parliament building, but later on the officials of Galmudug have succeeded in clearing the soldiers from the parliament building after negotiating with them” says a local businessman in Addado speaking to the Englisnh department of Radio Dalsan.

Galmudug state is was the last semiautonomous state in somalia, and of course still many important things including the newly appointed ministers to take the oath.

The state is also facing great challenges from the moderate Islamist faction of ahlusunnah waljama.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein

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