Somalia Softens Stance On UAE After Gulf State Disbands Military Training & Funding

A day after United Arab Emirates announced cutting military support to Somalia has seemingly back down on its earlier tough stance on the Gulf state.

A statement by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs indicates that Somalia regrets last seizure of a UAE aircraft and millions of dollars it carried.

“The Federal Government of Somalia has sought to clarify facts surrounding recent developments in order to remove any room for misunderstanding between the two governments and peoples” the statement partly said.

“As part of these efforts and after lengthy deliberations between the two governments on the recent incident involving funds that were intercepted at the Aden Adde International Airport on 8th April 2018, the UAE has explained the purpose and the utilization of the said funds and the Federal Government will work together with the UAE on their utilization” the Foreign Affairs Ministry statement said.

Somalia reiterates that UAE remains an important international partner as the Horn of Africa county strives to rebuild itself two decades of conflict.

“Somalia hopes the UAE can be a contributing partner to these efforts as a counterterrorism and trade partner” the statement farther said.

UAE termed the seizure of its aircraft as a breach of diplomatic protocol and said the money confiscated was meant to pay salaries to more than 2400 Somalia soldiers.

Somalia´s statement purports ongoing talks between Mogadishu and Abu Dhabi over this latest incident.

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