Somalia says Kenya is disrespecting agreement to return refugees

The Federal Government of Somalia has said Kenya is disrespecting tripartite agreement signed on November 2013 between the two countries and UNHCR by ordering the camps closed and refugees out.

Press statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Investment Promotion of the Federal Republic of Somalia (FRS) said the move by the Kenyan government last week will only increase the terrorism threat in the region if not carefully implemented.

“This decision will negatively affect the majority of Somali refugees who are housed in the two camps and will make the threat of terrorism worst, not better, given the volatile situation this sudden decision and the proposed subsequent actions will cause.

State from Federal government of Somalia also cautioned Kenya not to disregard tripartite agreement saying by doing so Nairobi will be morally and legally wrong.

“Today, there is an established, agreed and effective mechanism in the form of the Tripartite Agreement that serves as the blue print for positive partnership between Kenya, Somalia and the UNHCR for the safe and dignified resettlement of Somali refugees in their home country. Abandoning this will be a legal and moral failing on the part of Kenya.”

Kenyan Interior ministry said it is working to ensure refugee camps in the country are closed down and refugees returned to their original home by May next year.

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