Somalia: River Jubba of Somalia bursts its banks

Reports coming in from Middle Jubba region of Somalia say that River Jubba has broken its banks and sent floods of water in the surrounding villages.

The local residents living in the areas nearby the river informed the English department of Radio Dalsan that the river has swept away the crops in their farms and the water Pumps.

The populations in the areas around river Jubba are sending alarming message to the humanitarian agencies to intervene the situation.

“After the river has burst its banks it has washed away the entire crops which were in the farms and the water pumps, thus we are highly appealing from the humanitarian agencies to help us” said Mamow Aden a farmer in Sakow district.

The situation coincides at a time when there is standby Elnino massage which the metrological departments have said.

Some 4 days ago 5 children have been reported to have died in heavy downpour at Malmalkuus location in Sakow district.

Radio Dalsan
Mohamed Omar Hussein
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