Somalia: Puntland Parliament Speaker resigns

The speaker of the Parliament of the semiautonomous state of Puntland in Eastern Somalia Mr. Saciid Hassan Shire has on Wednesday resigned.

The Speaker held a press conference in his residence in which he declared that he has resigned his post as the speaker of Puntland parliament.

“I would like to inform the press that from today henceforth I am not the speaker of Puntland parliament I have resigned from that post” said Mr. Hassan.

The Speaker has taken this decision after 40 members of Puntland parliament brought motion of no confidence against him.

Fully armed soldiers have taken control of the parliament building, and the reason as to why these soldiers have taken control of the parliament still remains sketchy.

The speaker has strongly denounced the soldiers who have taken control of the House and said that this is a sort of coup and undiplomatic.

Some say that the speaker has forgotten his responsibilities in the House and fully engaged himself in the presidential responsibilities.

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