Somalia: President Hassan of Somalia endorses President Gelle of Djibouti’s suggestion

The President of Djibouti His Excellency Ishmael Omar Gelle has on Wednesday suggested organizing invitation for the heads of the states which their troops are in Somalia as part of the African Union mission.

The President of the Federal Republic of Somalia His Excellency Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has highly endorsed the suggestion made by President Gelle of Djibouti.

“I would like to send my thankfulness to the African countries who have sent their troops to our country for peacekeeping and peacemaking missions; I really appreciate their bold efforts in taking part restoring peace in Somalia, I would also like to endorse the suggestion made by my brother Gelle for the coming together of the heads of the states which have sent their troops in Somalia” said President Hassan.

The President has urged the meeting leaders to put organizing quality Somali forces to on top of their agenda.

President Gelle of Djibouti has on his side urged the international community ro fully support Somalia to stand back on its feet again by helping in the reforming strong national army which can secure the security of the country wide.

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