Somalia: President Hassan of Somalia criticizes the international community

The President of the federal republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud has strongly criticized the international community for not supporting Somalia.

The president has said this statement while addressing hundreds of people during a festival which was meant to strengthen the government institutions and to upgrade the economic status of the country.

The United Nations representative for Somalia Mr., Nicholas Kay was at the hall where the event was taking.

“The international community hands over the donation it has allocated for Somalia to foreign organizations or firms, and the reason is that there are some sort of mistrust, the international community does not trust the central bank of Somalia and the Ministry of finance” said President Hassan.

Hassan has also added that Somalia is now engaged in an operation to defeat and eliminate Alshabab fighters from the country and instead of getting firearms an d ammunitions we are getting desktop computers and vehicle.

“The money which is allocated for paying the salaries of the soldiers comes through foreign firms and not with the Somali government, so with all these complication the development of the country will be unstable condition” added Hassan.

This critic statement coming from the highest ranking person in Somalia comes at a time when the international community is fully engaged in supporting Somalia in terms of security, development and humanitarian issues.

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