Somalia: President Gulled of Galmudug state says will open talks with Ahlu-Suunah Waljama

The President of Galmudug state Abdikarim Hussein Gulled has told the press on Wednesday that since he took the office there were many important things which his administration has achieved.

“Since I was officially elected as the president of Galmudug state, we have achieved several important things, for instance we have established district administrations in the state in which the different communities in those district are highly contented with, we have disarmed militias who possessed illegal firearms, we have succeeded in eliminating Alshabab from some strategic locations in the region” said President Gulled.

However the president has also mentioned the most challenging factor to his administration which is the moderate Islamist function Ahlu-Suunah Waljama who is in control of a large area within Galmudug state.

“We shall soon open talks with Ahlu-Suunah Waljama, and I hope this talk will end in a mutual understanding and be a fruitful one” added president Gulled.

Of late there has been battle between Galmudug and Puntland states forces, but now there is a truce which has been signed by both presidents.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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