Somalia: Premier Sharmarke of Somalia due in Brussels

A Somali delegation spearheaded by the Prime Minister Omar Abdirashid Ali Sharmarke will be soon jetting off to Brussels to attend a conference which will be discussed about the status of the Somali refugees.

There will be also delegates from Kenya, Uganda, Yemen and Ethiopia who will be part of the conference at Brussels the headquarters of the European Union and one of the prime discussions and will be on top of the agenda will be the pledges made by the European Union for the Somali refugees.

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has verified that the donations from the European Union has dramatically reduced and could not covert the basic needs of the refugees.

More than 2 million Somalis are displaced and out of these 2 million 1.1 million are internally displaced while 967,000 are refugees in the neighboring African countries such as Kenya which is currently hosting over 420,000.

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