Somalia: Politically missing Somali tribes send their compliments to national and international offices

Federal Republic of Somalia

 04th Jan 2016

To: The President of Somalia Federal Government

To: Speaker of Parliament of Somalia Federal Government

To: Prime Minister of Somalia Federal Government

To: Deputy Speakers of Parliament of Somalia Federal Government

To: Heads of Regional States

Cc: Somalia Special Representative of United Nations

Cc: European Union Representative

Cc: African Union Representative

Cc: AMISOM Representative

Cc: IGAD Special Representative

Cc: All Diplomatic Representatives



Subject: Concern of the Absent Clans in the Determination of the National Destiny


We, the undersigned representatives of the traditional elders, intellectuals, women, youth and other members of the clans whose political and social rights have been openly violated and who have not been provided their due share in the Federal Parliament, Federal Government and Regional States hereby express our discontent to have been ignored in the political representation and in the Somali traditional elders forums existing in the country. We solemnly declare hereby that we have been ignored and left out of the traditional elder’s conference held in Mogadishu in 2012 whereby constituency assembly was appointed to approve the Provisional Constitution and select members of Federal Parliament of Somalia.


We hereby, present our concern relating to our absence in the participation of the deliberations of national issues to the High Ranking Public Officials and relevant authorities with the aim of attaining social justice and equality among the citizens of Somali nation.


Therefore, taking into account our petition relating to obtain a redress to the past, present and future violations of our fundamental rights as the citizens of this country and to get representatives in the forums of traditional elders, Parliament of the Federal Republic of Somalia, Federal Government, and Regional States in 2016, we propose the following:


  1. To review the current power sharing mechanism based on 4.5 operating in Somalia, which is not inclusive and far from social justice. Continuation of this abhorrent mechanism will lead to further fragmentation of the nation and will disrupt whatever little peace we currently enjoy. The misuse of this mechanism violates Paragraph (1) of Article (1) of the Provisional Constitution, which states that “Somalia is a federal, sovereign, and democratic republic founded on inclusive representation of the people… and social justice.” Likewise, the Constitution provides a clear presentation of the fundamental principles of the Federal Republic of Somalia, by stating in Paragraph (4) of Article 3, that “The Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia promotes human rights, the rule of law, general standards of international law, justice, participatory consultative and inclusive government, and the separation of powers between the legislature, executive and an independent judiciary, in order to ensure accountability, efficiency and responsiveness to the interests of the people.”


  1. We also hereby forewarn not to get in a quick power sharing mechanism based on districts, which is already far from justice. Reliable statistics based on facts and figures of the number of people living in each district are prerequisite to obtain inclusive representation and social justice.


  1. We strongly urge you to quickly deal to our previous individual clan requests that have been submitted by our respective clans to the High Ranking State officials, which have not yet produced any positive results. Our current concern is based upon the negligence in safeguarding our human dignity which is enshrined in Article 10 of the Provisional Constitution, equality of citizens under Article 11 of the Constitution, the right to political participation in Article 22 of the Constitution and the Supremacy of the Constitution in Article 4, which states that after the Shari’ah, the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Somalia is the supreme law of the country. It binds the government and guides policy initiatives and decisions in all sections of government.”


  1. For 15 long years, we have been absent from the forums where the fate of the Somali people where determined and we have been longing to attain one man, one vote system, which seems farfetched. To our dismay, abusive systems in which our rights were constantly violated are being in the making once again and we cannot tolerate their perpetuation any more. Therefore, we are keenly looking forward to your favorable understanding of our concern and your collaboration in addressing to the specific unjust violence and violations of our constitutional rights.


Finally, we would greatly appreciate if you could rectify the continual violations of our rights. We totally oppose that particular clans claim hegemony and the sovereignty of the country by unilaterally distributing the number of representatives other clans can have. This diabolic mentality will surely lead to the fragmentation of the national unity. Therefore, we suggest that high-ranking officials solemnly declare that the current power sharing mechanism is not inclusive, that many clans are not represented at all, and that it is constitutional duty to allow them get their rights to participate in the deliberations of the national destiny.




NB: Please see the list of the signatures of the representatives of the clans presenting the concern:


Name                                                                        Beesha                                  Signature

  1. Cabdi Maxamud Aden Dogoodiye              ____________________
  2. Barre Salad Ahmed             Cowrmale              ____________________
  3. Cabdinur Cali Cabdullahi Yallale                     ____________________
  4. Nadifo Cabdullahi Cabdi Abasguul                ____________________
  5. C/risaq Caliyow Cusman Shanbaro ____________________
  6. Cabdirahman Moxamed Wehliye Ahmed Faarah   ______________
  7. Suldan Xasan Yuusuf Xssan Haskul                    _________________
  8. Cabdurahan Cabdullahi Dhubad Gelmees    __________________
  9. Mohamud Cabdi Geele   Geri             ____________________
  10. Mohamed Carmo Mohamed Carmo          ____________________

Mohamud Hassan Gure             Ciroole

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