Somalia: New Djiboutian troops arrive in Hiraan region

The Djiboutian ministry of defense has sent additional troops to Hiraan region in central Somalia which is their allocated region in Somalia as part of the African Union mission in Somalia.

The troops have on late Tuesday landed at Ugaas Khalif airstrip in Baladweyn town the headquarters of Hiraan region.

These troops will take over from their colleagues who have been in the region for the past 12 months, as AU peacekeepers.

The newly arrived troops will be in Somalia for the coming 12 months, similar period to that of their departing colleagues.

The first battalion of the Djiboutian troops arrived in Somalia in December 2011 as part of the African Union mission in Somalia, and there number was by then 960 soldiers.

After they were officially deployed in Hiraan region in the year 2011 the Djiboutian troops have tirelessly taken part the AU operations to eliminate Alshabab in several locations in Hiraan region including Bulabarde, which a strategic town in the region.

The local residents in Hiraan region gave special name to the Djibouitian troops [brotherly support] and the name came after the relation between the local population and the Djiboutian troops reached at an excellent degree.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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