Somalia: Minister for Information denounces suicide attack in Kismayo

Somalia’s Minister for information, culture and tourism Hon: Mohamed Abdi Hayer Mareye has strongly condemned Saturday’s suicide attack in Kismayo town the 3rd largest city in Somalia.

“I am hereby strongly condemning the suicide attack in which the so called Alshabab group has targeted a military training base in Kismayo city, and I call the act as cowardly and barbaric one, this idiot act will not at any cost lay on the line the ongoing developments in the country wide” said Minister Hayer.

The Minister also added that the Somali government will not tolerate for Alshabab to carry out such inhuman acts in the country and will soon retaliate in uprooting Alshabab from the few locations in the country where they are hiding.

On the other hand the Minister has sebnt his condolence to those who lost their loved ones in the attack, and wished for quick recuperation to those injured.

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