Somalia: KDF and Somali government soldiers regain positions from ISIS of Somalia

The Somali government soldiers gaining military auxiliary from the Kenyan Defense Force who are part of the African Union mission in Somalia, have on Saturday recaptured Geriley location in the border between Kenya and Somalia.

Geographically Gerilley is in the Southwest of the Somali capital Mogadishu and comes under Gedo region in Somalia.

The capturing of the of Gerilley location come after the former Alshabab members who have recently declared to be part of ISIS have fighters deserted.

After the joint forces reached the location they have started to doing house to house security ransack, but there are no reports saying that the KDF and the Somali government soldiers found something which will damage their mission.

“Of late the Alshabab fighters who have defected from the group and joined ISIS have been capturing new locations in Gedo region, and our mission is to eliminate them from the regions and the country as whole” said sergeant Adan Iman who is part of the operation and a registered officer in the Somali National Army.

However Alshabab officials have announced recently that whoever in the network is seen creating disagreement and defecting from them and joining ISIS of Somalia will be beheaded, but now it seems this announcement has not been functional.

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