Somalia: High fight tension between Alshabab fighters and tribal militiamen

Reports coming from Bacaadweyn and Amara locations in Southern Mudug region in central Somalia say that there is high fight tension between Alshabab fighters and self organized tribal militiamen.

The self grouping of the tribal militiamen comes after Alshabab fighters have on Friday taken control of Amara location.

The local inhabitants in the two locations are showing anxious that the groups will confront in a fight which can cause severe deaths and injuries.

On the other hand there are independent information which say that the soldiers of the autonomous state of Galmudug state are giving support to the tribal militiamen.

Some also sa that there is less number of people fleeing from these two locations.

Alshabab fighters are still in control of some locations in Mudug region, and their stronghold is Haradeere location which is a very strategic town and a coastal town.

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