Somalia: Government worker killed in Mogadishu

Three men armed with pistols have on Sunday gunned down Isse Beeyle who was an employee in Aden Abdulle International airport in Mogadishu.

The late Beyle was killed at Nasteexo village in Wadajir district in Mogadishu.

“I saw three men gently following Isse from behind,and two of them had pistols in their hands I was so frightened and hardly scared to utter a word and they started shooting at him from all parts of his head starting from the head to the abdomen” said a resident in Nasteexo village speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan and does not want his name to be quoted.

The perpetrators immediately escaped the scene after making sure that the target person has breathed his last breath.

It was in the beginning of this month when two Somali government workers were killed in Wadajir district, and none of these culprits were brought before the justice.

Wadajir and Dharkenleey district in Mogadishu are the two districts where Somali government workers are been often killed.

So far no group has yet come forward and claimed to be behind the killing of Mr. Beeyle.

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