Somalia: Government officer gunned down in Mogadishu

Three men armed with pistols have on Monday shot dead Issa Moalim Yaris who was the head of the investigation department at Dharkenley district in Mogadishu.

“The officer was killed right inside his car by three men who were armed with pistols, just in front of his residential” said Amina Yussuf who is a neighbor to the late officer.

The local residents who were around the scene where the incident occurred said that the three men escaped in a motorbike.

The Somali police reached at the scene after sometime, but couldn’t catch the assailants.

The administration of Dharkenly district has not yet commented about the killing of their colleague.

Dharkenly district in mogadishu has the highest record of killings, and very often Alshabab group claim the killings of the Somali government workers.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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