Somalia: Government liberates Wabho location from Alshabab

Somali military forces gaining military support from the African Union troops on the grpound have on Tuesday morning seizure Wabho location in Galgaduud region in central Somalia.

The joint forces have taken control of Wabho location in a bloodless war.

“It can happen that they heard that we are moving towards them, and they abandoned Wabho location and we peacefully took control of the location” said the Commanding officer Colonel Ahmed speaking to the English department of Radio Dalsan.

The Colonel also added that they will not stop pursing Alshabab until they finally eradicate them from the entire region.

These forces that have librated Wabho location are said to have been taken from Mogadishu and purposely designed to liberate Alshabab from the areas in middle shabelle and central regions of Somalia.

Radio Dalsan

Mohamed Omar Hussein

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