Somalia: Galmudug States president given 15 extra days

The Parliamentarians of Galmudug States parliament has given 15 days extra to their President Abdikarim Gulled to do the selection of the cabinet of Ministers for Galmudug States.

The addition of the extra days comes after the president has on Tuesday sent an appealed to the members of the House. Initially the allocated period for the President to do the selection of the cabinet of Ministers was 45 days, but come to an end.

“It is me who requested from the respectable members of Galmudug States Parliament to allow me extra 15 days, because I am thoroughly doing extra discussions with the different sectors of the communities in Galmudug States and it is not a simple thing” says President Gulled of Galmudug States speaking to the English department of Dalsan Radio.

The President has also added that he really appreciated how the members of House have accepted his appeal, and he is committed on reconciliation between his government and the moderate Islamist group of Ahlusunnah Waljama who have boycotted his government.

The political situation between Galmudug States and that Puntland States is at the peak and has been exchanging hot words through the media.

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