Somalia: Galmudug lawmakers unanimously approved the new Ministers

The parliamentarians of Galmudug State in central Somalia have on Monday unanimously approved the cabinet of Ministers appointed by the President of Galmudug State on Friday the 28th of August.

The turnout of the parliamentarians was 69 and out of the 66 members of the parliament 66 of them have voted for the approval of the legitimacy of the parliamentarians while while 3 of them voted no.

The speaker of Galmudug State Mr. Cali Gacal Aseeyr has nailed the legitimacy of the new parliamentarians.

The president of Galmudug State Abdikarim Hussein Gulled who was present at the time of the vote has appreciated the parliamentarians for their approval of the new Ministers.

“I really appreciate how swift and without hesitation the lawmakers have voted for the approval of the new cabinet of Ministers for Galmudug State,, I am sure this a good start of the states” said president Gulled.

More than 30 parliamentarians of Galmudug state have initially thumped down the appoint of the approved ministers, but the president and the speaker made efforts to convince the parliamentarians to approve the ministers.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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