Somalia: Galmudug forces retake control of Amara location from Alshabab

On early Tuesday morning the forces of the semiautonomous state of Galmudug have seized control of Amara location Galgadud region in central Somalia after heavy fighting.

The English department of Radio Dalsan spoke to the deputy information Minister for Galmudug state Honorable Dahir Farah Fidow.

“Thanks to God our forces have managed to get rid of Alshabab fighters from Amara location on Tuesday morning, in fact we were fully prepared to face the Alshabab fighters and we have succeeded in ousting them from Amara location, and soon we shall eliminate them from the few locations in our territory which they are now in control of” said Minister Farah.

The Minister has refrained if there are casualties from their side and that of Alshabab.

The latest reports coming from Amara location say that it’s relatively calm.

Radio Dalsan

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