Somalia: AU confesses wrongfully shooting a young boy

The African Union headquarters in Mogadishu Somalia has on Tuesday admitted that an AU soldiers has wrongfully shot dead a young boy of 14 years age who was playing football just near the stadium which now a base for a battalion of the AU troops.

Colonel Paul Njuguna who is the spokesman for the African Union troops in Somalia has told the press that the shooting was wrong target.

“We have carried out investigations related with the killing of the young boy, and we have been told that the young boy ran towards the defense position of the troops and in fact he was after a ball which the sentry soldier could not see and he thought that the boy is a risk to him and to the entire soldiers and to avoid this he gunned down the young boy” said the AU spokesman.

The spokesman has also added that the reason as to why they are here in Somalia is not to kill the citizens, but to defend them and provide secure security. He also added that they really regret what has happened to the innocent young boy.

Despite providing security to the citizens AU troops have negative impacts of killing innocent citizens and destroying wealth of the people.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein

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