Somalia and Puntland sign Deal in Garowe

Somalia’s PM Omar Abdirashid travels to Mogadishu just hours after unprecedented close range talks with Puntland President Abdiwali Ali Gaas here in the capital Garowe. The PM characterized his meeting with Gaas as candid and fruit full following a two day official visit to Puntland.

The Somalia’s northeastern state of Puntland and federal government has signed a semi bilateral agreement in which they ended a raising political division between both sides.

Under the new deal, both Puntland and the government agreed to stay close and work together in order to achieve the planned vision of 2016. In the last two days, a massive discussions on government’s frame work was held in Garowe with international partner’s attendance.

In a joint press conference held in the state house, Federal government promised that it will fulfill previously reached agreements and to continue consulting with Puntland and other Somali regional states.

Another valued federalism meeting was set to hold in Garowe in April, where Federal government and Somali regional states planned to arrive for further discussions on the Somali progress, Somalia’s spokesman, Ridwan Haji Abdiwali said.


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