Somalia: Alshabab recapture Badhadhe district

Alshabab fighters have on Tuesday retaken Badhadhe district in the lower jubba region of Somalia after the withdrawal of the Kenyan troops from the district.

Instantly after the Kenyan Defense Force cleared the district standby Alshabab fighters take control of the entire district including the base which the KDF abandoned.
Alshabab officers called out the local resident and addressed them in an open place, and told them that as from today henceforth they are in control of the district.

The local residents are very anxious about their situation because during the absence of Alshabab fighters they have been making commercial trade with the KDF troops in their area.

Besides the abandon of the KDF the Somali military soldiers and the local administration as well left the district.

Up till now the reason behind the evacuation of the Kenyan troops in Badhadhe is not clear, they also evacuated from El-Ade location which was the place where more than 100 Kenya troops were killed in an attack which was carried out by Alshabab fighters.

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Mohamed Omar Hussein
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