Somalia: Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama strongly opposes the Consultative forum in Mogadishu

The administration of the moderate Islamist group in the central regions of Somalia Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama has strongly opposed the consultative forum for the 2016 national election in the country which has officially opened in Mogadishu on Tuesday.

The President of Ahlu-Sunnah Walajam in the central regions Sheikh Mohamed Shakir Ali Hassan speaking to the local press says that they will not respect the outcomes of that meeting.

“We have not been invited to attend in the ongoing so called consultative forum which is taking place in Mogadishu, and in our part we shall not at any cost respect the upshot of the meeting” said President Shakir.

The administration of Ahlu-Sunnah Waljama which is in control of Dhusamareeb town which is the headquarters of Galgaduud region and some other districts such as Guri-El claims that they are the legitimate administration in the central regions of Somalia.

The consultative forum for the 2016 elections in the country wide which is taking place in Mogadishu will be attended by the autonomous states in the country and the officials of the central government of Somalia.

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