Somalia: A driver in Somalia dies for less than $25 cents

Armed men dressed in the Somali military uniform and strongly believed to be registered in the Jubbaland army have on Tuesday evening opened fire at a driver whose name was only shortneded as Omarey.

This driver has rejected to pay 5 thousand Somali shillings which is equivalent to $25 cents.

The money was all about extortion and the instated not the give them. This incident has occurred at in the outskirts of Afmadow district in the lower Jubba region of Somalia.

A next of kin to the deceased driver has told the press about how the death of the driver occurred.

“In Afamadow there is only one point in which legal money is paid by drivers who are travelling out of the district and that money he has cleared it, but just 2km out of Afmadow district he met with another men who asked him to pay 5 thousand Somali shilling, but he rebuffed to pay them, and in return they opened fire at him and he died on the spot” said Ali Ahmed a relative of the dead driver.

This is not the first incident for a driver to be shot dead for not paying extort money to armed men, Somali drivers have been facing such anguishing acts since 1991 when Siyad Barre was ousted from power.

Mohamed Omar Hussein
Radio Dalsan
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