Somalia: 30 Somali nationals feared to join ISIS fighters

Reports which Radio Dalsan is getting from the semiautonomous State of Puntland say that a ferry which was carrying over 30 Somali youths is floating over the surface of the Red Sea, after it has ran out of fuel.

The parents of some of these youths who have spoken to the English department of Radio Dalsan confirmed their missing children are helplessly floating over the surface of the Red Sea, and were likely to join the ISIS fighters through Yemen.

Some of these youths were University graduates according to the how some of the parents described their children. “My son has just recently accomplished his 1st University degree and I was hoping that he will be helping me in caring of the extended family which he belongs to, but when I heard that he went other youngsters for migration I was shocked, in the first place I thought it was the journey which the Somali youngsters commonly make when going to Europe, through Ethiopia, the desert between Sudan and Libya and Finally to Italy, but this was different it was through Yemen and to join the Daish” said Ali Jama a father whose son is among the Youths who are stranded on the Red Sea.

The fate of these youngsters who are floating over the sea is not yet know, and the men who lured them in the mission escaped in another boat.

After the collapse of the effective central government of Somalia many Somalis have put their lives into absolute and apparent risk journeys and voyages seeking for better living, while thousands have been either drowned in the sea or died on the desert before reaching their dream destination.

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