Somalia: 2 siblings deceased in landmine, another injured

Two brothers were on Tuesday killed by landmine while their third brother was heavily injured at Balibusle location 30km from Buraan district in Sanaag region in Somalia.

The district Commissioner of Buraan district has confirmed for the press the death of the two children and the injured one.

“The three brothers were looking after goats and sheep in the outskirts of Balibusle location and suddenly they found the landmine which was partially noticeable and tried to exhume it from where it was buried and started hitting it harder and harder and eventually it exploded, and instantly killed two of the children and wounding the third one” said the district commissioner of Buraan district Mr. Botaan Ahmed Botan.

The district commissioner has also added that apart from that landmine which has killed the two children there are likely to be more of landmine in the neighborhood, and has added that they will do their best to exhume the remaining landmines in the vicinity, so that there will be no more fatalities in their district.

There are certain international agencies in Somalia such as Mine Action which claim that they are engaged in exhuming landmines from the fields which they think there remnants of explosive elements, but casualties of landmines is still at large.

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